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Lex Citadel 2 Project: Fourth Floor and Penthouse Size: 678 sq.m. in additional floor area 339 sq.m. designed space Location: Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines Date: April – June 2010 Contractor: Client Preferred A successful attorney and businessman wanted to expand his operations in Cebu by constructing a 4th floor to cater to a burgeonig BPO market. Additionally, he wanted a penthouse to be built for important staff and for his family when they visit Cebu. The penthouse was comprised of two areas – one where the family had complete privacy and another area for the staff and access to a large multi-purpose space. The family unit had a special garden area for picnics that maximised the mountain scenery and fresh air from the sea nearby. The project also entailed close coordination with the local authorities to meet deadlines with the BPO locators.