Alcantara Residence

Project: Three-storey mixed-use residential and commercial building
Size: 219 sq.m. designed space
73 sq.m. lot area
Location: Marikina City, Philippines
Date: July 2011
Contractor: Client Preferred

A second home for a family of three fronting the beautiful Marikina River beside Marikina Riverbanks. The client envisioned his first floor to accommodate a small restaurant for his daughter’s business with a separate entrance to their home which also serves as a den. The living spaces begin at the second floor, which allows ample height against floods. The second floor is styled as a self contained ‘condo-unit’ for the couple when they are at Marikina – including a master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, living and dining, an outdoor tea balcony and a small office. The third floor provides a separate living area for their daughter and ample deck space for parties. Strategic louvres control sunlight and the building mass allows flora while maximising space use in this relaxation-inspired design. Free public parking space is available off-site.